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Co-Determination:The Answer to South Africa’s Industrial Relations Crisis

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Co-Determination:The Answer to South Africa’s Industrial Relations Crisis

by Rica Viljoen, Henk van Zyl, Joyce Toendepi & Stefan Viljoen

ISBN: 9781869227555

Publishing Date: September 2018

  • R359.00



Co-determination is really the only way forward for South Africa and other emerging economies. Our traditional corporate way of managing employee relations is no longer conducive to the survival and sustainability of companies. A new way needs to be found where the rights of all stakeholders are not only protected but are able to flourish into real relatedness and functional interaction, seeing that the ultimate, superordinate goal for all is the same. Co-determination is a model that encourages unions and companies to view and consider their positional approach when dealing with operational and strategic issues. It promotes collective decision-making between a company and a union.

Co-Determination integrates Organisational Development (OD) as a field of study with Employee Relationships (ER). Human Resources (HR) in companies are often so fragmented that the full function is managed in a disjointed way. This book crosses the boundaries between the functionalities and argues theoretically, and shows practically, that the integration of different fields of HR can have huge benefits for organisations. If OD is done correctly, ER will be a much more fulfilling field; and if ER embraces co-determination, OD can add real strategic business value.

Co-determination is a book rich in African philosophy, stories, narratives, cases and theory – all in a kaleidoscope of different angles studying the same topic. Different role-players have worked together in various disciplines over decades to reach this point where insights on a progressive book on co-determination can finally be shared. The wisdom inside this book will linger long after you’ve reading it.


Dr Rica Viljoen’s model on inclusivity, was acknowledged as one of the 10 most promising contributions to the field of Management, Spirituality and Religion by the Academy of Management in 2008. Since then, this approach to hearing the voices of the whole social system has been applied in 42 different countries with over 100,000 participants. Rica has been presented with the CEO award for her contribution to the field of study nationally and internationally by the Institute of People Management (IPM), for which she also acts as ambassador, and has received two additional awards from the Academy of Management for her contribution. She is an adjunct faculty member of the Henley Business School in South Africa, associated with Reading University, and a senior research associate at the University of Johannesburg.

Henk van Zyl worked as a HR professional in the transport industry for 36 years, of which 20 were at the Executive level. For more than 19 years he gained extensive knowledge and experience in Employee Relations at Interstate Bus Lines at the Bargaining Council level. He developed and implemented an advanced ER Co-determination Model, the first in South Africa, whereby unions are engaged at the strategic and executive levels to take responsibility for creating wealth for employees and all stakeholders. Henk is currently a Specialised Facilitator: Co-determination at Metamor Consulting.

Dr Joyce Toendepi is an effective and efficient strategic planner who has the capability and expertise to devise and promote innovative solutions that challenge mainstream thinking. She has a particular interest in professional leadership and leadership development issues, as well as extensive understanding of the leadership requirements and challenges facing the African continent, which is why she wants to dedicate most of her research space to authentic leadership and how it can benefit Africa. She is currently associated with the University of Johannesburg.

Stefan Viljoen has a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Business Management, a Bachelor of Commerce Honours Degree in Strategic Management, a Post Graduate Diploma in Management Practice, and his current Masters of Commerce Degree in Business Management. In addition, Stefan has seven years’ experience working within a business consulting environment. With this solid pedigree, Stefan is an expert in managing complex client interactions while proactively engaging with all internal and external stakeholders in order to influence the outcome of a project.


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